iPhone Application
About: Moe Metronome

- Description
This cute girl stands in for your metronome as she sets the tempo by snapping her fingers, tapping her feet and shaking her hips. She will make music practice fun in more than one way.

- Function
- Tempo : 30-250
- Beat :1, 2, 3, 4, 5

Moe Metronome Support Page (Facebook)

2D action game: SwordRobot

- Description
An exhilarating action game controlling an energy saber-armed robot to destroy any foes that cross your path.
Get in rhythm with the fast music track and dash through all 6 stages to destroy all those that stand in your way!

- How to play
Touch the bottom left control pad to the left/right to manipulate the robot. Once an enemy comes into range in front of the robot, you can damage the enemy for a limited time.
But if you get in too close or an enemy attack succeeds, the robot will suffer damage so watch out.
Alternately, once the enemy is destroyed, the energy gauge will recover slightly.

Touch the bottom right [Jump button] to make your robot jump.
Touch the [Dash button] above the [Jump button] to accelerate your robot to high-speed for a short time.
Also, if the robot is in mid-jump, combining the [Dash button] and control pad will allow the robot to accelerate and move in all directions. You can only do this once.

Once a certain number of the enemy has been destroyed and the red gauge accumulates, the [Fire button] will appear to the left of the [Jump] and [Dash button].
Touch the [Fire button] and use up the entire red gauge to deliver serious damage, straight in front, to all enemies before you. The robot is invincible during this phase, and can deploy a one-sided attack.

There are 6 stages in all. As you clear each stage, the stage clear time results will be recorded.
Touch the [SAVE button] at the stage select screen to save your time records.

- Start
A new game starts without any data of scores or in-play stage settings.

- Load
The game continues from the saved data.